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Giveaway Session for a Newborn Boy

Amy Cannizaro Burris and her husband are the winners!:)

I’ve been very tempted to get into newborn photography for quite some time… but due to school have not had any time of day to try it out. Now that school ends in a week I have decided to host a giveaway! Yes, that’s right, I’ll be giving away a newborn baby boy session to the mother I think deserves it the most! Please enter by submitting a comment below and telling me why you’re deserving of a free newborn session and include your due date in the comment! (If you feel it is too personal to comment below, email me at

The session will include 2-3 hours of my time photographing your baby, a private gallery of 10-15 edited images, and 1 digital file of your choice. That’s a $300 value, free. No print order will be required but you will not receive any full resolution images aside the one digital file.

1.) If selected you’ll have to sign a model release form for your baby, allowing me to use any images on my website for advertising.
2.) The session must take place 3-6 days after you give birth. The reason for this is to ensure your baby is sleepy and cooperates for the images.
3.) You must be due in late May or early June.
4.) Your baby must be a baby boy.
4.) You will have to live within 20 miles of my address in Baton Rouge, LA 70817, if not, you’ll have to bring your baby to me for the session.

Oh yeah, I ordered this little lion hat below, which is why the baby has to be a boy! The hat is by Jennaration Yarns.
I also ordered a long tan/cream elf hat and two wooden board backdrops!

Photo credit: Nicki Kristof

Photo Credit: Aly Marie

Last but not least a picture of the backdrops I ordered!

Misty, Popcorn, & Miracle

Meet Misty, Popcorn, & Miracle, I love these three! Miracle is the gorgeous, spunky abyssinian, miracle is the black and white kitty, and Popcorn is the beautiful white ball of fluff. They are real characters and it was a pleasure to meet them and their owners. I very much adore these images and know their owners will appreciate them for years to come.:)

LSU Goat & Sheep Units

It is baby time at Louisiana State University’s sheep and goat farm. Sadly this will be the last time due to many LSU A&M and AgCenter budget cuts… All of us (students and faculty alike) see these cuts as a swift attempt to phase out agriculture and animal science at LSU. LSU will no longer be an Agricultural college within the decade. I did my best to get Mister Randy Wright some great pictures. Mr Randy is a great man, he has bred and maintained the animals and the farms at the goat, sheep, and horse unit for many years. He has unfortunately had to be in charge of these units as they take hit after hit financially… until closure occurs. He has put his heart and soul into these farms and deserves far more than he’s been given. Mr Randy, all of us appreciate your teaching and efforts, and I apologize the actions of those above you have not been so kind. You are the lifeblood of the farms and have more respect from me and some students than you can fathom.

Below are images intended to capture the intimate relationships these creatures share with one another… as well as their adorable faces. The lamb’s little blue eyes are too beautiful! In the images where sheep are nudging the lambs it is because I was getting closer, the sheep were watching out for one another and viewed me as a potential threat.

Pam Mitcham - April 2, 2012 - 11:31 am

So stinkin’ precious Laura!!! Love them all!

Heather - April 28, 2012 - 11:00 pm

Oh my goodness. I love these…the babies, all of them and your photos! Absolutely precious.