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Kayla & Ya’el

In early May I photographed Kayla and her beautiful, joyous daughter Ya’el. Ya’el is already showing promise as a professional dancer, I kid, but only slightly. She dances better then me and she’s a mere fragment of my age. Kayla must be a wonderful mother because this little girl was exuding love and FULL of spunk! I hope you enjoying seeing her cute little self explore the gardens of Rosedown Plantation. I certainly did.

The Ehrlichs

I had the great pleasure of photographing Webster, Duke, and their family! Our session was a lot of fun, Frisbee catching, fountain diving, & chapel explorations. I bet everyone slept well afterwards! Duke and Webster board often at Kleinpeter Veterinary Hospital. I’ve taken care of these two many a weekends, so I was extra excited to be asked to photograph them at their home. This dynamic duo is loved dearly by not only their parents but the KVH staff. The capture at the bottom of Holly, Phil, Collin, & the pets candidly walking is my favorite!

Luci Lou

Early May Luci’s mom contacted me about scheduling a Peaceful Heart Session with Luci Lou. This 7 year old girl was diagnosed with bladder cancer, but as you can see she’s still active and enjoying life! Mom and dad said she hadn’t been this playful in a long time. I’m glad she enjoyed herself at her session and I wish her many more healthy years.:)