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Beignet the Basset Hound Puppy

I ran into Beignet and his mom recently at work. Little Beignet is not so little anymore! While his mom and I chatted I was reminded I had yet to share his adorable photo session with the world. His images are too cute to keep hidden away. I present to you the charming Beignet!

Kaila’s LSU Senior Pictures

This past fall I shot a few senior sessions for graduating LSU seniors. Here are the most beautiful shots of graduating senior Kaila! We shot all over LSU campus. Kaila graduated in Animal Science and was a true joy to work with. She showed me her senior photos from high school because she wanted to replicate a particular shot of her with her puppy dog. We nailed it. And we got some new shots for her to have. Best of luck to you Kaila!

Oh and the shot below with Mike the Tiger, that is not an everyday image! Mike’s caretaker observed us outside his enclosure attempting to get some shots with Mike in the background. He ushered us to a side gate and let us get a little bit closer to Mike, which we are very appreciative of!_MG_9145r-E (5x7)_MG_9154r-E (4x6)_MG_9341rE(8x10)(2-5x7s)(2-wallets)(4x6)_MG_9149r-E (5x7)

Bingo and Kizzie

Here are images from Bingo’s Peaceful Heart Session. He celebrated his 17th birthday and his mom brought us cupcakes at my work to celebrate! Not too long after he was tragically diagnosed with cancer. His mom said the day of our photo session was one of his best days he had enjoyed in a long time. I’m glad she can have these pictures and memories of him to hold onto. And one day soon, his images will adorn her office walls.  He had a long, wonderful life with the best mom and dad he could possibly want. Rest in peace dear Bingo, you are missed by all- especially your sister Kizzie.