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Baby Hedgehogs courtesy Kelly’s Quills

Kelly from Kelly’s Quills was kind enough to allow me to photograph her hedgehogs. I enjoyed meeting Kelly and all of her beautiful hedgies, they are such quirky adorable little creatures.  If you are interested in getting a baby yourself please feel free to contact her via the link. She will be more than happy to help you select a tiny companion!

The gestation period for a hedgehog ranges from 35-58 days and the average litter size is 3-4 newborns while the lifespan of hedgehogs ranges from 4-7 years. Be sure you are committed to owning and caring for one for the entirety of its life before investing. Hedgehogs prefer to be kept alone as opposed to with another hedgehog. Interesting fact, hedgehogs are born blind & with a protective membrane covering their quills. Hedgehogs are omnivorous and feed on baby birds, mice, small mammals, snails, millipedes, earwigs, berries, and even bees.

The picture of the hoglet licking its back quills is a process called ‘anointing’. Hedgehogs partake in anointing when they discover a new smell. They lick or chew the object of interest, create a foamy saliva, and then deposit it on their body. There are many theories as to why hedgehogs anoint.

Wildheart Bengals

When traveling the South Island with my grandparents we attended a nature tour in Dunedin. At the tour I was greeted by Christina eagerly asking if I had emailed to ask about bookings the night before. I was surprised she seemed so excited when I said yes. She then told me she absolutely adored my pet photography and wanted me to photograph her Bengals  Of course I wanted to but I was leaving Dunedin the next day.:(Christina wasn’t having any of that and flew me back down to photograph her kitties. I felt so honored! It’s exciting to meet someone who admires your photography to such an extent that they want you- and you only- to come photograph their animals. I was treated to an amazing dinner, desert, spa, movies, and wonderful conversations with beautiful people. In addition to the memorable times, we got these amazing shots for her business. Couldn’t  have asked for more… well actually… to spend more days with them would have been nice, but now I’m just being greedy.
Introducing: the lovely cats at Wildheart Bengals!:)

Fantail Tattoo by Richard Warnock

I have fallen in love with the country of New Zealand. The people, the land, the flora and the fauna have all drawn me in. I will be devastated to leave this country in a mere 14 days. Even typing that makes me want to cry! I have all intentions to return for there are still many adventures to be had and I have acquired so many loving friends; friends my heart shall never abandon. While living in New Zealand, the bird that has truly caught my fancy is the fantail. It tends to fly from branch to branch peeping, opening and closing its fan-like tail rapidly, as well as jumping from the left to the right. It is very amusing to watch. I decided to make a fantail India ink drawing. I admired my drawing so much as with my emotional tie to New Zealand that I decided to book an appointment at Powerhouse Tattoo. Richard Warnock was my artist, he’s quite the artist and bird fan so I was in good hands.

The fantail bird was stenciled in from my India ink artwork. The very talented Richard Warnock free-handed the cherry blossom branch. The back piece took a 2.5 hours and one sitting. I felt light headed quite a few times but Lynelle ran and grabbed me a sprite which seemed to help. I’m fairly certain this will be my last tattoo, I’m not forgetting the painful experience anytime soon, but it was well worth the pain to acquire this beautiful piece of art. Below is a picture of my fantail India ink sketch and a shot of Richard’s tattoo work. Very impressive, to think I event doubted his abilities for a second.:)