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Sully the Airedale Terrier

Meet Sully, a 5 month old Airedale Terrier puppy. He and his owners were so much fun to work with! I know they are enjoying him as much as he is enjoying them as parents. He’s one lucky pup. 

Baby Hedgehogs courtesy Kelly’s Quills

Kelly from Kelly’s Quills was kind enough to allow me to photograph her hedgehogs. I enjoyed meeting Kelly and all of her beautiful hedgies, they are such quirky adorable little creatures.  If you are interested in getting a baby yourself please feel free to contact her via the link. She will be more than happy to help you select a tiny companion!

The gestation period for a hedgehog ranges from 35-58 days and the average litter size is 3-4 newborns while the lifespan of hedgehogs ranges from 4-7 years. Be sure you are committed to owning and caring for one for the entirety of its life before investing. Hedgehogs prefer to be kept alone as opposed to with another hedgehog. Interesting fact, hedgehogs are born blind & with a protective membrane covering their quills. Hedgehogs are omnivorous and feed on baby birds, mice, small mammals, snails, millipedes, earwigs, berries, and even bees.

The picture of the hoglet licking its back quills is a process called ‘anointing’. Hedgehogs partake in anointing when they discover a new smell. They lick or chew the object of interest, create a foamy saliva, and then deposit it on their body. There are many theories as to why hedgehogs anoint.