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Hi there! My name is Laura and I’m a professional pet photographer. A pet photographer, there is a demand for that?! There most certainly is. You may be wondering what lead me to pursue such a career. The answer is relatively simple. I’ve devoted my entire life to easing the pain and suffering of living creatures, both human and animal. In this lifelong pursuit I have acquired the skills necessary to comfort the loving owners of companion animals. Working at a vet clinic is not all puppies and kittens, in fact, it’s far from that… I’ve observed many a client leave the hospital in tears after their beloved pet had been diagnosed with a terminal illness. They were hit hard with the painful truth their time together is now limited. We all know life is fleeting, but it never sinks in until it is upon us. In these tender moments I wanted to help these people! I wanted to convey to them that they could not only enjoy the time left with their pet, but preserve it. Immortalize it as the treasure it is. What better way to do that then through artwork?

I have restructured the way my business operates to allow me to grow closer with my clients, to get to really know them and their pets. I’m heavily invested in my clients, some of whom become good friends! I want picture updates on your dog long after our session is over! It brings a great big smile to my face to see the latest painting you made of your pet or your dog happily greeting grandpa! Pleasing my clients is my priority and I can assure you if you trust me with your delicate, loving bond, I can assure you I will capture it to the best of my ability. I care deeply about my clients & their pets and want to ensure they have the experience of their life. I want my clients to walk away with artwork of their pets, artwork that will last a lifetime.


Suzie Beasley - May 6, 2012 - 2:22 am

Hi again laura!

Okay… SO… I have booked a flight to New orleans December 6th… will celebrate my birthday down there DECEMBER 7TH (number 46!!!) and will return to my red dirt roots of N.C. on December 11th…

I hope we can find some time to do a class together… after alot of thinking, I have opted out of bringing the girls (my dogs). I will be running & doing so much while I’m there it would be best to keep them at home. :o)

Thanks so much!


Suzie Beasley

Taylor Kleinpeter - October 12, 2012 - 8:06 pm

I was looking at some pictures that you have taken of a girl and her chihuahua. I like to think of my dog Rocky (pomeranian) as my child. I would love love love to see if you could take some pictures of us but am curious about your prices. If you could please get back to me, I would greatly appreciate it!

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