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Raptor Physicals

As many of you may know, I’ve been volunteering at the Raptor cages at LSU when possible. These birds are magnificent and intelligent creatures. The vet students have been so accommodating when I volunteer and enjoy sharing their new found knowledge with me. It’s so refreshing to meet like-minded individuals with a common goal… and reminds me why I strive to get accepted to vet school. Working with these, and all creatures, brings me so much joy and self-fulfillment. For that reason, I can never give up on my dream. One day soon, I hope to be working with these birds all the more often. Hope you enjoy the images, I did not take a lot of pictures considering I was aiding in the processes. Whereas these birds may seen adorable- because they are- they are not too fond of being handled, even when kept in captivity due to injuries that prevent them from surviving in the wild. Handling them is vital to a physical examination, restraining them is far different than restraining a cat or dog and you do not wish to get slashed by those talons. The beak, eh, no where near as sharp. I’ve been taught how to restrain them and have done so successfully. Sydney the vulture is the only bird that somewhat unnerves me. She has a monstrous beak you don’t want to get caught by!:)

***Please Note: No birds were harmed during the physical examinations and please do not contact Louisiana State University in hopes of visiting these birds. These educational animals are not available for public viewing.***

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