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Visiting the Bayou

My dear friend Melissa Hickson visited New Orleans from TN recently. While she was here I decided to take her to a bayou tour so she could experience the diverse flora/fauna Louisiana has to offer. On our tour we encountered 7-9 alligators, several birds, and turtles. It was a blast and much more of a success than I expected! Towards the end of the tour the guide passed around a young alligator for us to handle.

After the swamp tour we passed a very beautiful, yet unnerving church. We decided to stop and explore. Whilst exploring we discovered the statue of a young saint. The statue was missing its nose and was holding a scripture that read ‘Death but not sin’, pretty creep if you ask me.

Melissa - April 2, 2012 - 4:29 pm

The side-by-sides of our photos with the baby made me so happy! 😀 Wish we’d gotten one together with a “real” camera.

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