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Tis’ The Season!

Here’s a sneak peak from the pet portraits thus far…. as well as some cute Christmas portraits of Echo my dear rattie dressed up as an elf. It’s taken less than 10 shots to get the images you see below, and under 15 minutes per session, what can I say, working with animals and making them feel comfortable is my job. You learn a lot about breeds working at a vet clinic. The Pom you see below has to be the sweetest, most well mannered Pom I’ve met to date. They’re typically hyper and active, not Izzy! Also Lola the dachshund took a bit to warm up to the new location as well as me but she did great after a minute!:)

At every session $5 donations are collected for YELP of Baton Rouge. Tomorrow I’ll be photographing their adoptable dogs, can’t wait to meet them all!

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