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LSU Farms- The Intimate Side

Cujo, a Greet Pyrenees, is a Livestock Guardian Dog who watches over the goats at the LSU goat unit. Cujo was introduced to these goats as a puppy so he was able to imprint on them. He’s bonded with them so closely that he is affectionate and protective over them as if they were his family. When I walked over to the goat pen to take this picture Cujo began barking and the goats all ran inside of the pen he then plopped down in front of them and stared at me. As if warning me to stay away from his family. He’s by far the most interesting and well trained dog I’ve met to date. He’s kinda cute as well.:)
Below are images of ‘Office Pig’, the runt Mrs. Rebecca took in 2-3 weeks ago. He’s doing much better as you can see and is a spoiled king. He’ll follow Mrs. Rebecca around and oinks and squeals when he’s hungry… notice his super adorable pig bed. Ahhh he’s going to retire out in the field with Viola and Puddin’ once he grows large enough.

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