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LSU Swine Farm

As many of you may know, I opted to take a farm internship at LSU’s Swine Farm this semester. Ms. Rebecca, Mark, and Hoop have all been a joy to work with and have educated me as much as possibly about all the hard work that goes into running a swine unit. This semester I’ve successfully birthed piglets, castrated them, gave them their ear notches and first injections to protect against disease, as well as artificially inseminated female pigs and collected semen from a boar. It’s all quite fun to be honest! One day, while a mother pig was giving birth she paused for 45 minutes. This is a warning sign that the piglet may be stuck. I had to put on a arm length glove, one that would be very intimidating had a gynecologist adorned, and reach inside the mother pig’s cervix to grab the stuck piglet. It was a rush for me, birthing babies of any species is a beautiful experience.:)

Inluded are images of some of the baby pigs I’ve gotten to meet at the farm. The one feeding from the bottle is named Fin and he’s a runt Ms. Rebecca has to hand feed for weeks in hopes he’ll put on weight and catch up to his brothers and sisters. He’s a hard headed piglet, but has plenty of spunk to make it though! I also included a short documentary video of my first time birthing piglets, hope you enjoy!

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