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Gypsy Vanner Horses of King’s Symbol Farm

Back in October I arranged a photo shoot with Mariam, the owner of King’s Symbol Farm in Catlett, Virginia.
Mariam is a phenomenal, hard-working woman who breeds, shows, and raises Gypsy Vanners- all in addition to her day job!
Her Vanners appear straight out of a fairy tale. Manes flowing, heads tossing, hoofs pounding.
They sure had my heart racing during the shoot!
I’ve always found this breed to be beautiful beyond words, but now that I’ve met some,
I can tell you these strong, powerful draft horses have a docile nature to boot.
I hope my images did justice at capturing their divine spirits!

Phatgirl, Juicy, King, Stewart Little, Smokey & Lulu

I have quite the crew to share with you! Meet Phatgirl and Juicy, the bulldogs. King the Bengal cat. Stewart Little, our very special old man! Smokey, the Persian cuddle bug. And Lulu! All the pups were food motivated, King turned out to be highly toy motivated, and Smokey the cat, well, he did his own thing and ran away every time he saw my camera. Eventually he let me capture some images! This crew visits the vet clinic I work at fairly regularly. Needless to say, I’m a bit attached to all of them.IMG_1329rclogoblank2IMG_1460rclogoblank1IMG_1417rclogo

Kiwi Turns 3!

Kiwi turned three in August and of course I had to spoil her with a cake smash session- again! I’m so eternally thankful to have her in my life. She’s my best friend.
If you want your own ‘pupcake’ for your dog’s birthday I got mine over at Cake Goddess.